Friday, 26 October 2018

Crochet baby hat

crochet baby hat

Welcome to my blog, today I am going to share a basic baby hat pattern,this hat is for a newborn baby and you can decorate this simple hat according to your choice for example for boys you can add a fluffy Pom Pom on top or you can add 2 cute ears on both side for bunny,bear,cat.or you can add an appliqué or buttons on top.
For girls you can add ribbons,flowers,bows anything you like possibilities are endless.
I have made this hat in a solid color dk weight yarn.
There is a video tutorial also available on my YouTube channel link in down below,please visit and subscribe for video tutorials.
crochet baby hat video tutorial

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To make this hat you will need following.
Dk weight yarn(sea green)50g
3mm crochet hook
Pair of scissors
Yarn needle

Stitches used :

Double crochet
Slip stitch

Abbreviation :
Double crochet=dc
Slip stitch= Ss

Note(at end of every round slip stitch on top of chain 3 to join the round)

Round1: make a magic ring,ch3,12dc,ss on ch3 to join the round.(12)
Round2:ch3,2dc in each stitch across.(24)
Round3:ch3,*2dc,1dc* repeat.(36)
Round4:ch3,*2dc,1dc in next 2 st* repeat.(48)
Round5:ch3,*2dc,1dc in next 6 st* repeat.(54).
Round6-13:ch3,1dc in each stitch across.(54).
Finish off.

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  1. Brilliant. Very easy pattern to follow and quick to finish x